anne elias

Anne has a show with Lisa Elias at the Grand Hand , St Paul , MN opening March 3, 2007


Sunday May 13 7pm; Saturday May 19 8pm; Sunday May 20 7pm

Electropolis, Anne Elias and Xelias Aerialists
Between the Head and the Hands
A Transformation of Metropolis

Electropolis' astonishing surround-soundtrack to Fritz Lang's 1927 futuristic silent masterpiece. Metropolis serves only as the starting point for this world premiere.

The show brings together a cross section of musical genres and artistic disciplines experimental jazz/electronica, classical, free improvisation, hip hop, videography, sculpture, dance, and aerial danceweaving them together for a presentation that is beyond what each could achieve alone.

It is an attempt to represent an ideal for our own society blending of humanity and machine that is ever changing and morphingrestlessly striving and struggling for ultimate harmony and grace. Ultimately it is a sensual feast, as the stage becomes every wall, object and pathway within the Southern Theater, even the air and gravity itself. (with guests Jelloslave, Bill Mike, Desdemona, Diana Grasselli)

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